Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying Mattresses

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying Mattresses

There is research that we spend about one third of our lives sleeping but we rarely put some thought into what we sleep on.

Yes, we’re talking about the mattress.

If you’re like most people, and you step into the store to buy a mattress every once in a blue moon (some people even less often) and sit on the edge of the mattress and bounce about a little. They normally end up buying it and regret their decision later.

Why is this Approach to Buying Mattresses Flawed?

This is because we don’t jump in our sleep. (Sounds silly, right?) You actually want the mattress to be comfortable and allow some room for you to toss and turn at night. Yes, toss and turn. Because when you do that, it actually helps with blood circulation through your body.

The average cost of a simple mattress is around $1000 and if you go for memory foam, this may just go up by $200-300. Seeing how mattresses are a really expensive purchase, it feels bad when you end up with something one that just doesn’t feel right. They do play an imperative role in your quality of sleep and, in turn, in your life, even when you’re resting.

What a Good Mattress will do for you

A good mattress can actually improve your quality of sleep and drive away those nasty chronic diseases. Pillows play an important rule too, because they’re the perfect complement to mattresses. But a pillow that keeps your head in the same position all night long, can actually cause your neck to feel more stiff when you wake up.

You’ll be awake and feel refreshed and energized, ready to start a new day, instead of groggy and tired, loathing the morning.

So, How Should You Buy a Mattress

Firstly, you should know the size of the mattress that you need to buy. If, for example, you are not living with your family anymore and sleeping in the same bed as your large family dog, you may want to switch from a king to a queen. This will free up space and let you redecorate and keep more important things in the bedroom, such as weights, a computer desk, chair and more.

Buying a mattress is a lifestyle choice and you must keep your current and future lifestyle in mind when you make your decision. Second, you should try the mattress (not the bouncing method). Try to get a trial period for testing it out which might be 30 days, for which, of course, you might have to pay the restocking fee.

If not, at least take your shoes off and get comfortable in the bed, the way you’d normally sleep. Toss and turn a bit to see if it will really work out for you.

How Often do you need to Change your Mattress and Why?

A new mattress is needed once every 10 years at the minimum. That’s because you shed your skin in bed and you don’t need dust mites eating that skin while you’re sleeping.

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How Different Sleeping Positions Affect Us and Our Health

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How Different Sleeping Positions Affect Us and Our Health

An abundanceof sleep or lack thereof has been linked to many health problems. These include obesity, dementia, diabetes and more. Sleeping can be difficult if you don’t have the right sleeping position. Our sleeping positions affect how much we snore at night, how soon we get wrinkles and if we sustain heartburn longer. These are some of the sleeping positions and how they affect us.

Sleeping on Our Sides

This might be one of the most common positions that people report sleeping in (they probably go to sleep and wake up in this position and report that: no one can tell which position they actually sleep in, because they are asleep). There are different variations to it: some people prefer curling up into the fetal position and some prefer lying straight on one side.

Sleeping on your left side can even be helpful in providing comfort to heartburn and acid reflux. So if you suffer from this, it may be helpful for dosing off. Pregnant women are advised by doctors to sleep on their left side as they get the blood pumping to the heart and improve circulation by doing so. Besides, sleeping on the back puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back of expecting mothers.

It’s not all good though, sleeping on your side can lead to numbness and pain in your arm, as it is supporting your bodyweight and puts pressure on it. The lungs and stomach also face increased pressure. Tucking your hand under your arm won’t help either, it restricts the nerves and affects your muscles. Alternating between the right and left sides can be a helpful remedy to this.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

When you sleep on your belly, it helps to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. There’s not much else that stomach sleeping brings. That’s probably the reason why it’s widely regarded as the worst position that you can sleep in. The lumbar curve (naturally curved shape of the spine) becomes flatter, leading to back pain amongst other problems.

Pillows can help wane you off this position, training you to switch to your one of your sides when sleeping. If you get a sharp pain in your lower back suddenly when you’re sleeping on your stomach, try to shove a pillow under your hips and lower abdomen to lift your spine upwards. Sleeping on Our Backs

If you know yoga, you probably know the savasana pose. It’s where you lay on your back and outstretch your arms until your armpits don’t feel like their being pressed. This pose is great for the neck and spine when you sleep. It even allows your mattress to be most effective at supporting your spine. You even get fewer wrinkles on your face as you aren’t pressing up against the pillow or mattress

Sleep apnea is most common in this position, unfortunately, making it the Achilles’ Heel of this position. Sticking to this position causes your tongue to be pulled back and restrict breathing which causes snoring and disturbs those around you.

What we Learned

This shows us that a mixture of sleeping on the side and on the back is most effective. We naturally roll and turn during the night so don’t take it as a bad thing, let it happen. It’s your body’s way of getting better circulation.

If you need a mattress for improving your sleep quality and positions, don’t hesitate to contact Cloud9 Mattress.


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