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Buyer Beware of the Super Low $200 New King sets being advertised on Social Media. You can not buy New materials for what they sell them for let alone the labor involved. Mostly all of these are known as rebuilds or simply put old mattresses with new covers.

Then they advertise new in plastic. Well anyone can buy a mattress bag and the covers they use may be new but its over and old Mattress. Look for the law tag which will have The Manufacturer like Serta Sealy Corsicana etc. the date when it was made and will specify all new materials and the types used. This law tag is white will be sewn in to the Head or he foot of the mattress. Also look for Factory sealed product. Special machines are used to melt the plastic together to form a seam. This ensures it was sealed at the factory not just put in a bag and taped on the end!

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