What Happens When You Do Get Enough Sleep?

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What Happens When You Do Get Enough Sleep?

There are many articles that warn people of what will happen if they don’t get enough sleep. But have you ever wondered what will happen if you did? We’re here to answer that question. Sleep does make you feel better and gets rid of those nasty dark circles under your eyes, but its effects go way beyond that.

It’s part of a healthy lifestyle that leaves you with a healthy weight, a better heart, and an energized mind. Here are some things that do happen when you get enough good quality sleep.

1.    You Live More

You might be shortening your life by staying up late hours, either for work or pleasure. A 2010 study of women between 50-79 years of age showed that more deaths happened when women had less than 5 and more than 6.5 hours of sleep. It’s a sad statistic but it’s reality.

Sleeping better makes us feel well rested and more energized when we wake up. We experience a better quality life due to it. We feel more motivated for an early morning jog, more motivated to perform at work or meet friends. Some things that we take for granted are actually there because are hormonal activity and internal systems are well balanced and ready to perform.

2.    You Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

It’s no secret that sleep does wonders for the mind. You can concentrate better and get more creative as well. Your brain is able to collect and structure and restructure memories well, when you get enough good quality sleep. This helps you get more creative.

During sleep the cells of the body regenerate, and when you do not get enough sleep, the part of your brain that helps you recall memories (including what you learned the previous day) functions better. Even one night of improper and inadequate sleep can affect this part of the brain significantly.

When your brain isn’t well rested, it will never be fully prepared for the challenges it has to face the next day., especially if the previous day was particularly draining.

3.    You have Increased Concentration

When you don’t go to bed on time, you end up sleeping less or sleeping in. What’s more worrying is that you are actually numbing yourself down. When you do sleep well and on time, your brain regenerates and revitalizes itself. It actually aids your recall. You remember to pick up the groceries, you remember when the kids get off school and soccer practice and more.

In kids, it helps them with learning what’s been taught at school and being more active in extracurricular activities. And it obviously prevents them from falling asleep in class that usually results in a letter being sent to the parents.

4.    Your Body Stops Inflammation

People who sleep for fewer than 6 hours a night are more likely to have inflammatory proteins present in their bodies in higher quantities than those who sleep for 7 or 8 hours. This leaves them prone to heart disease, premature aging, arthritis and stroke. So you have to get more sleep in order to steer clear of these adverse physical effects.

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